Analytics has gained focal point since the days of Big Data. Analytics is reminiscent to intelligence and the more you have the better is the evolution for a campaign, product or service. Increasingly granular information backed analytics or analytical tools is leading to unrivaled specificity of understanding & addressing user needs and thus meeting business goals.

Years of utilizing data science to our advantage, Cranberry prides in analytics fueled strategy for the best user experience. Not only does analytics through up interesting facts about user behavior but also brings up approach flaws early on thus mitigating impact to MROI (Marketing Return on Investment). Cranberry as a growth partner helps businesses predict behavior patterns as well as deliver targeted and personalized user content across channels.

Cranberry focusses on consistency in analyzing and evolving business strategy which will mean reporting, multivariate testing, A/B testing and optimization. Organizations have large information which remains utilized. We target in-house information value and extract intelligence meaningful to business initiatives.

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