What does Digital means to you and your organization? Simply put “What is the definition of Digital”?
There is no clear-cut answer to it which creates various definitions and understanding.

Every organization wants to go the Digital Way. But the biggest Challenge for them is “What does Digital means to you and your organization. As per McKinsey for some it’s about technology, for some a new way of engaging existing and prospective customers and for some it’s a new way of doing business.

In the absence of Clear-cut understanding about Digital all efforts leads to lack of alignment and common vision resulting in piecemeal initiatives, lost business opportunity. At cranberry we believe if it is not disruptive then it is not digital. Disruption is not only external but it has to be both ways. External and Internal.

We at Cranberry help businesses and organizations defining digital for them along with creating digital capabilities internally. Rethinking the way customers are served and how digital capacities can improve customer journey overall

Our transformational approach amalgamate typical branding strategy and planning with digital strategy, researching constantly changing consumer touch point coupled with Analytics to find a brand’s real capability & positioning.

Sometime we help creating capabilities if it is not there and then converting these capabilities into content, new products, services, multichannel campaigns in the processes that execute a vision of customer experiences.

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