Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing

Gone are the days when we looked at marketing as two segments online and offline. As digital communication takes centre stage it is now critical for companies to adopt an integrated marketing strategy to communicate all key messages with uniformity across channels. Technology has required this shift, with access and use of real time customer data which can be collected and used to understand consumer behavior and journey. Customers today would like to engage with those companies who address their need, and maintain consistency in marketing message across print, digital and telecom channels. Integrated marketing also ensures that the brand is able to leverage the strength of each channel allowing generating maximum ROI and keeping the costs to the minimum.

At Cranberry we believe the way customers interact with business today has changed rapidly and will evolve continuously as technology improves. We are strong advocates of an integrated marketing approach and help our customers to migrate from the old world of advertising to the new world of integrated marketing, and help them adopt a holistic marketing approach to which they might be alien to.

We start by understanding what is the business trying to achieve and then map it with entire journey that a customer will undertake to interact with the business. As the journey is mapped various communication channels including print, digital, social, telecom are deployed to communicate a uniform message addressing his need. We put a huge focus on analyzing data, studying user behavior and accordingly tweak the plan and execute a cross platform strategy. This result in achieving maximum ROI, as each tactical activity whether a press release, social media campaign or an email campaign is based on hard facts of user interaction.

Integrated marketing plan and its execution involves understanding your offering, your customers, build messaging and selecting the right channels to communicate across the customer purchase journey. This entire process is overlaid by studying the customer behavior at each step of the journey. Our entire approach of working with our clients is based on the above fundamental which distinguishes us from any other marketing company.

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