Paid Marketing

Paid Marketing

Traditional paid marketing have been using television, radio, print and billboards over the decades. However harnessing the power of internet provides businesses the choice of creating a strategy involving banner advertisements, paid content on social sites, pay per click, ad sense, ad words, email & sms etc. Needing more thought, planning and strategy based on analytics, connecting the right option with user experience is critical for optimized user experience.

Finding the right strategy that maximizes Marketing Return on Investment is essential for success with the least dollar spend. The key when planning marketing outlook at the forefront is the analysis of individual spend and strategy evolution as the response analytics are available. The expanding marketing formats of the internet are dramatically different and are perceived and consumed in a whole new way. The role of influencers, bloggers and online PR are significant enough to be ignored and need to be planned well enough for the business to have an enveloped approach to market outreach.

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