Strategy & Consulting

Strategy & Consulting

As a Strategy & Consulting partner Cranberry carries the mantle of predicting & guiding companies to new milestones of future value and disruption. As the world undergoes series of rapid disruptions cranberry works with clients to transform their digital quotient & disrupt self well before a forced one. We help customers find relevant, useful novelty products / services mitigating misguided efforts. From developing new digital capabilities to starting afresh, survival today depends on tapping future frontiers of value with optimized communication, processes and technology adoption.

A truly empowered customer exercising options to limit intrusion forces companies to find new avenues of impacting customer decision journey. Shifting goalpost’s, increasing cost of customer attention and dwindling brand loyalty challenge corporate life span. Cranberry’s experience of working directly on empowering customers and tapping relevant touch points with substantial Marketing Return on Investment (MROI) bolsters client understanding & predictability of consumer behavior.

Customer touch points are thus evolving into fields of brand battle moving from plain advertorial air time to data science analyzed strategical touch plans. Cranberry visualizes business as a “Strategic Sphere” with the customer at its core and all interconnected business functions revolving around the core. The sphere constantly evolves with new analytical insights and changing business environment. Shift thus taps customer influence points with high MROI & reduces without eliminating one’s with low returns. Strategic Sphere influence continues consistently through decision, lifespan and replacement blocking competition and nurturing loyalty.

Cranberry epitomizes tailored messaging for both internal and external customers, realizing your digital ambitions across industries and verticals. Cranberry consults via defining and implementing your Strategic Sphere and its consistent evolution to a position of leadership and transformed digital maturity. Fundamentally disrupting organizations while unlocking value, growth, loyalty, extended influence and life span.

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